Translation and localization services

All translation services are provided by our business partner All links below go directly to the services on their web-site.
Document translation

We focus our attention on translation of documents, including but not limited to passports, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, work books, insurance policies; residency documents, marriage certificates, etc.

Interpreting services provides various interpretation services. Our representatives are available in the Boston (US) area and Moscow city (Russia). If an order for interpretation services is placed in advance, we can send our specialists to practically any location...

Software localization translators also have programming knowledge and can do quality translations in technology fields. They can localize software in Russian as well as any other languages we work with (see the list of languages).

Certified translations

At a customer's request we can certify the translation of documents. This means that we admit our responsibility for the translation quality. When required, the translated documents can be also notarized.

Phone translation

We provide cost effective interpreter assisted three-way (conference) calling. Please, find our packages and rates by following this link.