What is
Web Hosting?

It's an Internet service that allows companies or individuals to have their own web sites.

2by2host provides space and resources to make it possible. Let us guide you along the way as we are web site developers!

Фото ALEX Sales & marketing
Фото GREG Senior developer

2by2Host.com was founded to provide affordable web hosting to businesses and individuals. It is run by web developers and marketing specialists.

Transferring Customers

Unhappy with your current host?
Let us help you!

  • Free DB and file transfer *
  • Quick turnaround / No downtime
* minimum 1 year subscription or additional charges will apply.

& Translation

To succeed in the current economy your business needs to be globalized and translated to major European and Asian languages in order to attract foreign investors and customers.


I found 2 By 2 host when I ran into some issues with another programmer. I was looking for some very difficult and specialized customizations for my forum and couldnt find anyone who could do it. 2 by 2 assured me they could not only do it, but do it quickly. I was very pleased to discover that they were very on top of things, the project was completed very quickly and I learned that they are quite capable of just about any ty...

Michael Andrew, michaelthemaven.com